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Be happy for her

Everyones down and i know it seems like the logical thing to do , and i didn't know Aubrae i knew of her but im sure she wouldnt want everyone to be so sad if she was such a happy person. so be happy only if your doing it for her.
-on another note we have our break in a day which im pumped about, hope to see and hanogut with everyone. anyone going anywhere over the break have fun an be safe. im going to jax,fla fri-sun but mon-sun im open so fella's an ladies give me a call
- UGA is 4-0 and is getting better every game, we got a bye this weekend but next is UT. thatll be a HUE conference game, so hopefully we come out with the W.
- Salem is 3-2 but we should be fin playoff wise. Spok an everyone else are goin to start to come back in the next couple of games so we should be alrihgt i think.
-Wrestling starts soon so im kinda pumped about that, ive been workin out 3-4 times a week so i hope im ready.
i think thats all from me
be easy and be safe
lvoe to all
Bobby Nance
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