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let it be known

Alright im threw with calling people a bitch or just being an ass to people. for all the people i do this to , i am sorry. i'll do my thing you can do yours.sorry if i have made you sad, if you cared that much, or mad, my bad guys. yeah well youll know if im talking about you{Brittany Miller,Megan Oliver,Tami Nishio}, those are all thew ones i know of that i do regurly, theres probably more.

on a better note wrestling has been going better. my wieghts stayed down an i had acctually won a couple=0. varsity has a huge tounament friday an saturday at Union Grove, so if ya have nothing better to do come. also been hangin out w/ the boys alot, nolan drew sam nick, so thtats been cool

holla atcha boy
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